Application Cafe

You are recomposing your application (CV, Linkedin etc.), but don’t really know how and you appreciate an inspiring environment with a good coffee or tea? We are happy to support you.

1h | CHF 80

Coaching to go

Is there anything you want to talk about spontaneously? We will go with you a step in your direction.
45 minutes | CHF 105

Surprise bag

You are curious and love surprises. Just take a look at what coaching can do for you.
60 minutes | CHF 140


Leadership Coaching

Would you like to work on your leadership skills, your communication style, your impact, and your effective time management and reflect and expand on them in a trusting framework?
60 minutes | CHF 180


Interview Coaching

We prepare you for your next job interview 1: 1.
Strategy, do's and dont`s and tailored specifically to you and the corresponding job posting.
90 minutes I CHF 180 (including individual preparation and recording on request)


Teamcoaching | Teambuilding

In a well-positioned team characterized by open and appreciative communication, employees and leaders can work in a goal-oriented and efficient manner. The resources of the individual are optimally developed. Conflicts can be resolved confidentially and constructively within a secure framework.

6h Workshop | price on request

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