Nicole Hasenmaile

Not because things are unreachable, we do not dare, because we do not dare them, they remain unreachable."
- Seneca –

Innovative, open minded, creative and entrepreneurial thinking (Executive) Coach and HR-Expert with a good sense for potentials, resources and solutions with a long and international expertise in leading positions (board of directors) and experience as a entrepreneur in the field of Human Resources Management & Coaching. Passionate about people and their stories and challenges like the digital transformation.

Iris Bont

“Real life is often what you don’t lead".
- Oscar Wilde –

As a coach, I inspire people and support them in recognizing their potential and taking their own path. With courage to feel one's own needs and to follow the intuition is a goal that can be achieved. Every change begins with a first step - I accompany people on this exciting journey!


Nadia Rüfenacht

Inhaberin Cafe Complet | Mentorin | Eventmanagerin | 

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